About Us

A worldwide brand based out of Houston, Tx here to bring you the best Quality in a wide range of products. From your casual streetwear all the way to your high class exclusive drip.

As Junkiez were all in this together and we want our supporters to wear our brand proudly which is why it’s important that you know what we stand for.
We represent Quality Over Quantity while bringing unity in the community.
The unity comes from us All being Junkiez wether we know it or not. There’s Fashion Junkiez out there,  Money Junkiez, Gym Junkiez, Hoop Junkiez, Kush Junkiez, Trap Junkiez, Hair Junkiez and etc. The list goes on... Our Brand is for Everybody!

We want the world to know about us. So there is no limit to what we have in store to bring and we look forward to our journey with you guys. We are here to stay and we hope the same for our supporters.